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Photo of Eatsto
Sporadic DHCP/connection Issue
Hi, we are having an issue with a number of R600 APs connected through a ZoneDirector 1200. Occasionally we will notice connectivity is...
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Photo of Nadia
We detected most of our AP with Flagged status. This status happened randomly with random APs. The Flagged type is AP health high connect...
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Photo of Zaenal Abidin
Problem ruckus 7731 radio off
we have ruckus 7731 wireless type, it has been running for almost 4 years, we reset it and returned to IP but after making a ...
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Photo of User246756
Power TX power setting auto
Hi, I own a R310. I don't like the AP to have always use the max power setting, but I do like a good connection. Will the auto tx power...
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Photo of Minh le
I connect from zd1200 to flexmaster successful but on flexmaster haven't imformation of AP ( which managed by ZD1200)? Help me ,pls
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