Why is my Ruckus Unleashed r510 losing connection (Heartbeat Loss) every 12 hours?

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I have a Ruckus Unleashed r510 about 7 months old. For the past several weeks I have been getting disconnected on my desktop PC using Windows 10 about every 12 hours at approximately 10:35 am and 10:35 pm EST. (AP xx.xx.xx. joins 123456 and last disconnected reason [Heartbeat loss].

I'm still getting wifi from my router on other channels and just got a new modem installed by my Internet Service Provider on Friday. What is going on and why at these times? How do I fix it?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Do you have more than one AP?  Where do you see the lost heartbeat message?

Do you have any scheduled network activity, like auto backups or downloads, locally or to the Internet?

Do other clients/types get disconnected too, or only the Win10 machine?

If using Unleashed, are you on the latest version?  https://support.ruckuswireless.com/software/1811-ruckus-unleashed-ap-200-6-10-1-312-ga-refresh2-soft...
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I lose connection exactly every 12 hours as well to everything wireless.  My AP's ( 2 ) both say up for 20 days, yet when I click on online clients in the app, it shows a few minutes now since it just lost connection again at 8:26 PM.  What am I missing?  I updated firmware 20 days ago at initial install.
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We also get lost heartbeats on all of our AP's every 4 hours.  We have 27 R500's and 27 R710's.  The R710's only lose connection for a very short time, while the R500's can be off line for 5-10 mins.  This happens ever 4 hours like clockwork.  Its been happening for more than 12 months now and Ruckus support don't seem to be able to fix it.
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Hi Colin,
   What has tech support said they saw in your logs?  Everybody's AP connectivity issues should be able to be figured out by the AP support info, and a good network description. 
Always being able to find the LAN's def-gw IP is important for stability in Unleashed, but otherwise, I can't explain any AP lost heartbeat disconnects from what we're saying. 
Has anyone else opened a ticket and had their logs read?  I'd like to know too...
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Bump - any update on this?  Seems really bad.
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I have 3 R310 on unleashed in my lab. I am also getting heartbeat loss every 24hours,
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Many of these issues have been seen because the DHCP server is either configured with to short of a lease, or worse yet it is returning a different IP address to the Unleashed Master. This will cause loss of connectivity until the cluster is re-established with the new IP address. Request that you get at least a 24 hour lease and that the same IP private IP address be handed back out to the same device that initially requested the lease. You can also do a static assignment and ask that that particular IP address or addresses be excluded from the DHCP lease pool.
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I am experiencing this problem and Ruckus support has not been able to find any solution. I have spent months with ruckus with no solution. can you provide me some guidance on how to fix this?
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I am seeing heartbeat lost messages from a SINGLE AP install.

So its telling me "can't reach my own local radio."

How long is this going to stay broken?
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I am having the exact same problem, I called Ruckus and they said as long I didn't buy them from them and not have a support contract they can't help. I have 4 AP R510 unleashed and all stop their WIFI exactly every 12h every day. Not sure why. Can any one please please help.
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Hi Sammy,

There could be multiple reasons for heartbeat loss.

Try below basic troubleshooting steps.

- Fix the master AP's role (using preferred master option).
- At the time of failure, try to see if you can ping the IP's IP from the network.
- Unplug/plug Ethernet cable on the AP and switch side to make sure there are no loose physical connections.
- Make sure there are no long packet drops between master and member APs.

Syamantak Omer