Is anyone running a ZD 1200 / 3000 on 10.1

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I'm trying to find out if someone is using these model of the ZD with the newer 10.1 code and how their migration went and if the performance is affected.

We have about 400 APs on a ZD3000 in HA mode and we are exited to move over to the new code.
Here are my questions :

1) How did the migration go from 9.13 to 10/10.1?
2) Has anyone upgrade while having HA set up?
3) Any ZD performance increase after the migration?
4) Will the APs upgrade immediately after the ZD upgrade?
5) What's the downtime when you upgrade the ZD and APs?
6) Any hiccups in the upgrade process?
7) How are the new client troubleshooting feature?

Any other info that you have, would be highly appreciated.
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Posted 3 years ago

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I am running 10.1 on a ZD1200 but this was a clean install in non-redundant config... so not a lot I can say. So far, though, I seem to be missing the "neighbor AP" table being populated. Other quirks include https remains enabled on the APs (previously, only SSH was open). 

The GUI feels faster / more responsive. Running with around 600-700 clients with mac-based radius auth / accounting and system feels ok. But can't comment much more.
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Thanks Diego, that's great feedback.
I believe this thread will be a good real life experience for chaps that are upgrading to 10.1 ( 10.x )
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Eu atualizei minha caixa ZD3050 para a versão 10.15.
Respondendo suas perguntas:

1) Como a migração foi de 9,13 para 10 / 10,1?
Tivemos problemas, pois alguns modelos de antenas não atualizaram (7782, R300, R700), tentaram estabelecer o LWAPP para as informações, mas eles se conectaram no WLC, e pegaram um stub. Eu não entendi o motivo, mas desde que eu estava na véspera do evento, eu tive que baixar a imagem do AP 104.0.1347, atualizar na mão (75 antenas), e depois encaminhá-los para ZD. É preciso ter cuidado e solicitar suporte assistido.
2) Alguém atualizou enquanto configurava o HA? Anteriormente respondida
3) Qualquer aumento de desempenho do ZD após a migração? Nós tivemos um problema no kernel, ACPI, que não conseguimos entender o porquê.https: // ...
4) Os APs serão atualizados imediatamente após a atualização do ZD? Os novos modelos de AP sim, mas eu tive problemas com o EOL, como mencionado.
5) Qual é o tempo de inatividade quando você atualiza o ZD e os APs? Processo normal de atualização de firmware, aproximadamente 5 minutos por AP.
6) Quaisquer soluços no processo de atualização?
7) Como está o novo recurso de solução de problemas do cliente? Melhor visibilidade, diagnósticos e você pode verificar o handshake do dhcp, isso melhorou bastante. A desvantagem é que eu não pude verificar meus vizinhos (RSSI) para analisar os níveis de interferência, e isso atrapalhou muito meu projeto. Espero que a Ruckus atualize este ponto.

Não mais, boa sorte com o seu upgrade
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Thanks investments for that.

What went wrong with the R700?
From which ZD version have you upgraded from?
Do you have the ZD in the same L2 network or remotely?

I have about 200+ of those bad boys and I'm reluctant to upgrade that as they are scattered around the world.

Ruckus Support - Can you please comment on this?
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I'm not from support, though I do work on ZD's in my role as an instructor. I've run through the 9.13 to 10+ upgrade quite a few times and it's always been very smooth, though with only a few AP's and all on a local subnet. I have also run classes remotely with remote AP's, again with no major issues. A couple of things to bear in mind. If you are able to test on a redundant system first then you should. When you're happy to go ahead:
  • access points will start to upgrade as soon as the ZoneDirector has upgraded.
  • check your MTU settings, this can have an affect on the connection. Try 1200 or 1300 in place of the default 1500. LWAPP doesn't do great with latency, so you may have to tweak this if you notice AP's having problems
  • if you can, co-ordinate to have the access points connect in stages after the upgrade to the ZD
  • the upgrade to the AP's can take a while, keep your eye on the system events and be patient.
  • have a backup plan - it should be fine, but if you have any problem for any reason, don't be afraid go back to your original config