Ebay cheapest ruckus AP for vSZ-E

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I want to have my own Ruckus Home Lab.
Let say I have vSZ-E vm controller.

1. which Ruckus model the cheaperst one, that supported by vSZ-E
2. Is vSZ-E need license for home lab

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Posted 5 years ago

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The RuckOS or SmartZone version running on your vSZ will determine which model APs are supported
and this will be documented in that version's Release Notes.

Beware of products sold on eBay, unless by stated Ruckus resellers.
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Thank you for your reply
I found supported APs in here

1. Where can I download trial vSZ
2. How long the trial will last
3. What will happen if I want to continue using it when it expired
4. If it expired. Can I just delete it and reimport a new one
5. If I want to test roaming. Can I combine ZF7343 and ZF7363

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i think you need reach out your local Ruckus sales engineer guy to help you answer your first four questions...

yes, you can combine ZF7343 and ZF7363 as to test roaming, STA roaming from one AP on 2.4ghz to another will re-associate on the same band..

cheapest Ruckus AP for Vscg is ZF7341. supported AP's are on as per
SmartZone TM Software 3.1.1 Patch 1

•   ZF7372-E
•   ZF7441 (DAS AP)
•   ZF7761-CM
•   ZF7762-AC
•   ZF7762-S
•   ZF7762-S-AC
•   ZF7762-T
•   ZF7781CM
•   ZF7782 -E
•   ZF7782 -N
•   ZF7782 -S
•   SC 8800-S (v1)
•   SC 8800-S-AC (v2)
•   T300
•   T300e
•   T301n
•   T301s
•   ZF7321-U
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4 out of 5 Monnat and Thanks for answering!  However, a 7343 (802.11b/g/n only) needs to mesh on 2.4G,

and the dual-band 7363 (like other dual-band APs), uses the 5G channel for Mesh.
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You can  get vSZ software from any Ruckus reseller. If you are customer with support account, you can download vSZ software from Ruckus support site yourself.
vSZ VM itself comes with 90 days trial license for 5 APs, automatically available, but after 90 days it will not allow any AP connection and you'll need a paid licenses to operate it. If trial period is not enough to play with , you can install new instances and have another 90 days. It is not, of cause, allowed for production use.
Also, fo home lab -- don't install vSZ-E, but vSZ-H. It is same software, same cost, just choice during initial setup, but difference in features is very substantial.
Even if you  have a small setup, you'll love vSZ-H manageability. And licenses are still exactly the same...
For vSZ setup and maintenance some knowledge of Linux is highly recommended. And it is a carrier class,  complex product with a lot of features and it requires proper infrastructure (such as VmWare server with at least 15 GB RAM available for VM).
If you only need deployment with 10-25 cheap APs, just get ZoneDirector and don't make life complex. You can get ZD1100 cheap now, as it is EOS, but it is still provides everything you need to make everage users happy.