Different VLAN for different SSID

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I have a SmartZone - Essential with 4 AP R500.
Our configuration now is:

2 SSID with default VLAN, client take IP address from Windows DHCP Server,

I would like to keep this configuration for 1 SSID (network laptop) and for the second SSID I would like to create other VLAN that can provide this subnet
Could I use the built-in DHCP in SmartZone instead of the windows one for the second VLAN ?

Thanks in advance
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Posted 2 days ago

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Hi Leandro,

Great question! 

A possible, but more complex way to do it:
There are a number of ways you may go about accomplishing this, but if you were to use a second SSID, you can specify a specific VLAN under Menu -> Wireless LANs -> then select the Zone in your domain, the domain being System by default.  Under the Zone, you will select your SSID 2, that you want to use the subnet on, and once the SSID has been selected, you will click Configure, scroll all the way down to the bottom and then click to expand Advanced Options, and on the 7th field down, you will see Access VLAN: VAN ID, where you can enter the desired VLAN number into the box, click OK to save, and then it will use the network assigned to that VLAN for DHCP on that second SSID.

Additionally, you may want to go under Menu -> Services & Profiles -> DHCP & NAT, and select the desired Zone that your AP that is broadcasting SSID 2 in. From there, you can have the option to enable the DHCP service locally, which will be handled globally for that Zone by Ruckus, however, you may need to create a second Zone and place the AP into that Zone that will be serving SSID 2 on the network so that it doesn't interfere with the other APs and SSIDs in that Zone.  You may also adjust, and setup the DHCP Pools setting as well for the desired Zone, once DHCP is enabled for that Zone.

However please keep in mind that that this will delegate DHCP control to the Ruckus Controller instead globally for that Zone. 
Given the information you provided, to accomplish what you'd like, I would not go this route.

Best Solution:
Instead, I would log into your Window DHCP server, and setup a new network for, and place that new network exclusively on it's own VLAN.  From there, I would go to the Wireless LANs Menu, select SSID 2, and Hit Configure, then scroll down to Advanced Options, and specify the newly created VLAN you made on your Windows DHCP server, and then assign/input that VLAN number into the VLAN ID box for that specific SSID 2 on the Ruckus Controller.  This will enable you to maintain both APs in the same zone, while allowing you to customize the IP address that is assigned based on the SSID the client is connecting to, and route those DHCP requests from the client, to the appropriate VLAN that had been assigned in the Advanced Settings of the specific SSID.

Also be sure the port connecting your AP R500 to the network is in Trunk Mode, so it is able to see all available VLANS.  If this isn't configured, you may run into some trouble.

If you require further clarification or guidance, please don't hesitate to reach out!  
I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

TL;DR There are many ways to do this, but would recommend configuring the DHCP settings on the DHCP server, and assigning the network settings to a specific VLAN, and having the SSID 2 operate on that new VLAN.