ChannelFly seems less hoppy in 9.12...

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I'd like to share an observation that I've made over the weekend, wondering if this was intentional or not.

I love the concept of ChannelFly, but previously found it really hard to control the number of channel changes. Namely, even with a relatively high MTBC setting (300-600min) and days of uptime, I would still find multiple rapid back-and-forth transitions (e.g. 3 -> 6, 6->3 within a minute of each other), and quite honestly the MTBC setting didn't seem to do anything.

But this appears to have changed in ZF 9.12. With 9.12, Channelfly is still understandably aggressive at channel-hopping within the first hour or two of uptime, but then it starts noticeably slowing down. Now, with 3 days of uptime and counting, my outdoor AP switches channels every 6 to 10 hours, and my indoor AP's are doing a good job of staying put, especially in 5GHz where there's relatively few neighbors. I have my MTBC set at 300 minutes and it does seem like it's an average of 5+ hours per switch.

I noticed too that the AP syslogs now print the channelfly set MTBC and actual MTBC on each channel switch.

Is this an intentional enhancement to ChannelFly, or am I possibly imagining this behavior? 
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Posted 5 years ago

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Always improving...  but I'm not aware of an MTBC problem in earlier releases.
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I previously documented my experiences on FW 9.11:

The outdoor AP definitely sees a lot of 2.4GHz neighbors, but the indoor R600/R700 AP's probably don't. 

I'm noticing especially on the indoor AP's that after a initial 6 hour period where it rapidly hops around sampling all the channels, it seems to be a lot more willing to settle on a quiet channel rather than hopping around constantly.

Whether or not there was a problem before, I definitely am finding ChannelFly very usable on 9.12 and don't feel an urge to switch to run-stop mode like I did before :)