Add port to VLAN - very basic question

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This a pretty basic questions, but I just want to confirm when I add a port to a VLAN that is already setup... I don’t have to add all the ports already configured?


Seems a stupid questions...  but have a bunch of production switches & no test platform.


Have VLAN 75

From Config:

vlan 75 by port

 tagged ethe 1/1/20 to 1/1/24 ethe 1/1/48 ethe 1/2/1 to 1/2/2

 spanning-tree 802-1w


Want to add ethernet 1/1/37


device(config)# vlan 75

device(config-vlan-75)#tagged ethernet 1/1/37


Or do I need to included all the ports already setup?

Cheers & thanks for the help!

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Posted 9 months ago

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You tag ADDITIONAL ports every time.

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That is correct. If you tag 1/1/37 to vlan 75, all of the original ports in vlan 75 will stay and you will simply add port 1/1/37 as well. You will see this reflected once you issue a 'show run' or 'show vlan' after you enter the command. 
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It is enough to add the additional port 1/1/37 like you did. 

"device(config-vlan-75)#tagged ethernet 1/1/37"

In order to confirm if the port is added to the VLAN, you can use "Show running-config vlan 75"

Hope that helps,

Ravi Vatsavai
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Quick way to see the port membership is to run the following command;
`sh vlan brief ethernet`

[email protected]#sh vlan brief ethernet 1/1/7

Port 1/1/7 is a member of 2 VLANs
VLANs 1 3
Untagged VLAN  : 1
Tagged   VLANs : 3

[email protected]#

Hope that helps!
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Excellent!   Thanks for the quick reply.

Cheers - James

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Yes what you did is the right step .Just tagging to the existing VLAN will add the new port into the VLAN. You can verify using "show vlan XX"