7982's dropping off a ZD1100

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I've got a ZD1100 with 4 AP's.  Three 7982's, and One 7762 (an outdoor).  I have two specific ones that keep losing heartbeat and just falling off the network.  They seem to run for a while, 30 minutes or so, then they both just drop off, almost at the same time.  I've tried to distribute them across multiple PoE switches, in order to sort of spread the load, and I've tried to put all four on one switch, just to see if there's any difference.

They're not on the same switch as the ZD, which is getting fed directly off the Router.  

I've tried switching them with known working ports (for example the AP's that never fall offline), using a really short, pre-made cable, and I get the same results.  It's always the same two 7982's that keep dropping.  

I can't for the life of me figure out what would be causing this.  Any suggestions?
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Posted 6 years ago

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What version of code on your ZD?

On your Monitor/Access Points page, under Events/Activities, are there any messages about APs losing
heartbeats and perhaps why?  Application reboots?

Do you have a dedicated VLAN for your ZD/APs (good), or do they share one flat network with your users,
who may be blasting broadcast and multicast traffic?  Too many very small packets that all need inspection 
is not good for AP performance.

Else, collect a ZD debug info file from Administer/Diagnostics page,
the System Info file from your 4 APs (first icon to the right of each AP on the Monitor/Access Points page),
and open a ticket with Tech Support for deeper investigation might be best.
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Looks like version Build 110
The messages simply state "Lost contact with AP"
I don't have a dedicated VLAN for the ZD, but I suppose I could, without much difficulty, but there's very little traffic on this network, most of the year, this residence is unoccupied.
I'll pull logs, thanks.