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iPhone 7 stops transmitting
I am having issues with the iPhone 7 and 7+. I believe the issue is entirely client side, but I'm still the one needing to fix it. We hav...
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WPA2 KRACK Questions & Answers - Resource page
Greetings,     Much concern about possible impact of announced WPA2 KRACK vulnerabilities, and Ruckus would like to provide information ...
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DPSK per Zone Limit
Apparently we have reached the per zone limit on our DPSKs in the vSZ . Is there a way to increase the limit? Are there plans...
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OSX Clients Connected to AP, but not passing traffic
Anyone else experiencing issues with OSX clients connecting to APs, then randomly not being able to pass traffic/browse the internet? We...
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Is Channelfly usable in real world scenarios?
While ChannelFly is a truly remarkable technology, I'm wondering if people have found that it's usable in real-world scenarios. For ...
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ZD Remote Control (Android) 1.2 is now available in the Google Store!
This release includes the following features and is available on Google Play here: Adds the a...
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