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MAC address to DEVICE-NAME table?
I'm looking for some sort of way to map MAC addresses to a human readable string (like Steves-iPhone). As I collect and map MAC's I could...
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Smartway/Bonjour Gateway Setup/Best Practices?
Are there any guides to setting up the Smartway/Bonjour Gateway? I am looking for tips or best practices for implementing this. I know th...
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Better reporting on-device
Here are some of the OID's i Poll. Would still be really nice to get an executive level report off of the ZD though! Total Associated...
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Twilio Integration and Use
Hello. Just received my first order of R700's and have them set up in the lab to muck around with. I've upgraded my ZD to the 9.8 LCS ...
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Users can't find characters in DPSK password on their keyboard. Can we limit the characters when DPSK are generated?
My users are given a Batch DPSK when they enrol at the school. Unfortunately, some of them can't find some of the characters on their dev...
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ZoneDirector as a Virtual Machine (VM)
We are dying to be able to deploy ZoneDirectors are VMs. This would save so much time and $, especially for smaller deployments. If you...
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9.6 PSK Limit feature
From the Release Notes: "Per user Dynamic PSK limits ZoneDirector 9.6 now provides the ability to limit the number of Dynamic Pre-S...
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