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User Role with Captive Portal Assignment
It appears you can't force a user URL redirect (captive portal) with a user role. I would like to be able to force a URL redirect when ne...
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OSX Clients Connected to AP, but not passing traffic
Anyone else experiencing issues with OSX clients connecting to APs, then randomly not being able to pass traffic/browse the internet? We...
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Ansible module for configuration of Ruckus Wireless products
Howdy,  Did someone already create Ansible modules for Ruckus?  There are for Aruba
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New Zone Director 802.1X Attributes in 10.0 GA Release
In the 10.0 GA release, there are new 802.1X attributes which includes the Filter (ACL) ID attribute to assign an ACL to a client.  I can...
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Avoiding huge broadcast domains
hello, For avoiding huge broadcast domains will be great if Ruckus has the feature "vlan range" or "vlan pooling" (it has differen...
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