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Tue, Apr 9, 2019 10:37 AM

AAA Radius on Windows 2012 Server, always TimeOut


I want to create a new SSID with 802.1x authentication.

On my Windows 2012, already have a CA Server. And configure a NPS server. 
I configure the AAA Server as Radius, with the same password that in the Windows Radius Server.
I triying to test it, trought the utility that ruckus provides on the Zonedirecor. And always hace a timeout.

On the server side there are not firewall enabled.

Any help?



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2 y ago

Mi fault. on the side of Raidus we have to say the ip from the client that connect. In this case the IP of the ZoneDirector.
Now works, and when select the right encryptation for the SSID works like a charm.

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