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Sat, Aug 30, 2014 5:08 PM

ZoneDirector SNMP: # Associated Clients that are not Authorized

We would like to know how many client devices are not authorized, but are connected to an AP. That includes the number of clients that did not click the 'I agree' button on the Guest Access or Hotspot landing page, but are able to browse the Walled Garden URL's.

How can we retreive or calculate this value with SNMP? In the AJAX/XML request the webbrowser is retreiving "assoc-stas" and showing it in the HTML div "num-sta".

With SNMP we are able to retreive the number of authorized clients per AP per radio type, but not how many client devices are unauthorized.
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What I'd do is to look for the number of total authentication request and then for the total authentication responses

Here are the OIDs

Authentication requests

Authentication response

Please visit our portal to find the SNMP guide for the specific version you are running


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