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Wed, Mar 5, 2014 7:34 AM

Zonedirector for guest control of LAN


Is it possible to use the Zonedirector to control Guest LAN access like it does WLAN access?

We have existing wireless points in one site and no current budget to replace them.
We have Zonedirector at this site controlling Ruckus at another site. (eventually plan to get Ruckus at primary site).

I'm just wanting the Zonedirector to provide the guest ticketing system, the legacy AP will be open access to the VLAN.



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7 years ago

Hello Damien,
Ruckus Controllers do not have any configuration features that would allow LAN Guest access configuration of LAN clients. Would suggest a firewall or a client management device from a company like Bradford networks.
Thank you,
Ruckus Wireless Tech. Support.