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Sat, Jul 19, 2014 7:52 AM

Zone Director 1100 - How to set download quota?


Found most my Guest wifi clients misusing the allocated Wifi for them, I have no control over this but checking on hourly and block those heavy users.

How do I set down/upload quota for my quest users on particular WLAN?



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7 years ago

Hello Gobi,

You can try rate limiting to restrict extensive bandwidth consumption to some extent.

See here on how to do it:

ZD GUI --> Config tab--> WLAN --> Click on WLAN --> Advanced options --> Rate limiting.

Check out the screenshot on

this applies to all users on this WLAN and NOT specific user.

hope this help.

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4 years ago

I think the question is how to limit the quota not the bandwidth.

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4 years ago

Was there any solution to this question. I am also looking to apply download limit per user ?


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4 years ago

You cannot set a hard limit/quota per client.

As mentioned already, best you can do is restrict bandwidth to "slow" down a client but that will apply to all users of that SSID.

Or if you just want to disrupt heavy users put lots of breaks into the uptime WLAN schedule. Sometimes I just have creatively evil thoughts!

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4 years ago

Damm that is really depressing :) The boss aint gonna be happy. Thanks very much for the feedback.