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Fri, Jun 12, 2020 3:26 PM

ZD3050 Client Logs Detailed Document


We have 

Product Description:ZD3000
Software Version: - 42

Our McAfee SIEM doesn't support ruckus enviroment.  We need to integrate ruckus logs to our SIEM, especially client association logs. 

The problem we are facing is that even we only select client association logs and critical events logs from settings, most of the logs that we are receiving are meaningless to us. Is there a detailed documentation of syslog messages? or is there a way to simplify  syslogs that ruckus sending?

In addition to this can ruckus save logs to a folder/network location rather than remote ip (syslog server) periodically?


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2 y ago


   You can set different levels of Syslog, to see Client association details, or only Warning and Critical issues.
We have some information in a knowledge base article for ZD settings.


   We don't have detailed documentation of all logs/syslog messages, or a way to save to local folders, only 
an IP server address.

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