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Mon, May 27, 2019 1:00 PM

ZD1200: "The total number of DPSK accounts has reached the maximum allowable size."

I have a ZD1200 running build 120. I am trying to add a new DPSK key for one of my ZIT-enabled SSID's, but am getting the following pop-up message whenever I click the Generate button:

"The total number of DPSK accounts has reached the maximum allowable size.  Please contact your network administrator to remove unused accounts before creating new ones."

Release notes for the ZD1200 indicates the maximum number of DPSK keys on this controller is 4,000, but I have only created maybe 15-20 on this ZD in its lifetime, and currently there are actually zero DPSK keys stored on this ZD because I deleted them and also the entire SSID and started from scratch as part of troubleshooting this issue.

Once I delete all DPSK keys and navigate back to System > WLAN General Settings > Dynamic PSK Batch Generation, I see a message saying "The maximum allowable number of DPSKs is 1" and sure enough, I can generate a single key on any given SSID but no more before receiving the above error message about reaching max allowable accounts.

I sure would appreciate any tips or insights the community has; never ran into this before since we don't deploy DPSK very frequently.

Hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend, and thanks in advance for any assistance.


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