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Mon, May 3, 2021 7:40 PM

Wifi has internet but will not access shared folders on network

Teachers can connect and authenticate to domain server and can access shared folders when plugged into lan.  When connected only by wifi, folders are not accessible.  We use radius server and active directory.  Any ideas?  Thanks


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3 m ago

Looks like the your SSID has "Wireless Client Isolation" option turned on ? try uncheck the option should be fine. ( under your SSID configuration "Others" tab )




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3 m ago

Hi Tony,

Pl check if any ACL enabled in WLAN config. Also if shared folders and WLAN users are in different VLANs pl make sure inter-VLAN routing is enabled/allowed by ACL in Core/UTM based on where it is routed.

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2 m ago

It doesn't work that way, that you ask - "my network doesn't work, help me" and somebody miraculously has a solution (well, it may happen, but not often).

Usually, nobody can really help you without detailed info, so publish details, do troubleshooting tests, publish results -- this is how it works.

Such questions are the first coming up:

What system do you use - based on ZD, vSZ or Unleashed?

Are these shared folders on the server which is on the same subnet and VLAN as WiFi clients or on a different subnet?

What authentication mode you have on WiFi is it using Radius authentication?

Can you ping file-server from WiFi client?

Do you have WINS server on your network?

What happens if you try to map shared folder as networking drive manually, printing a path, using server IP, not a name?

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