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Thu, Sep 24, 2020 4:37 PM

Why is OS support so far behind?

I was looking at the Release Notes for the latest version of AP/ZD firmware and was shocked to find that there's no official support ("interoperability") for current versions of anything other than Windows (and since you don't specify windows patch levels, that may be dated too - "windows 10" is pretty broad):

For phones/tablets, iOS is lagging (14 is out, most people are on 13 since that's been out for a long time), Android is at 10, Ruckus is at 8...

This seems kind of bad - if someone has a support contract all you have to do with a difficult problem with a current OS is to say "sorry, unsupported client!".

Why the lag?


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2 months ago

Also, if you're wondering why I might be so concerned about the non-mainstream OS: