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Wed, Aug 23, 2017 8:23 PM

Using DHCP on the Zone Director

Hi I am new to Ruckus and am wondering the following. Since we are very low on network IP addresses in the AD DHCP, can I have the Ruckus DHCP give out IPs for just wireless clients and will it route to the corporate network? I hope I am clear with what I am trying to accomplish here. Let me know. Thank you.


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3 years ago

Hi Steven,

The Internal DHCP server on the ZD has limited ability, when you enable it; even wired clients connected on the same VLAN as ZD/AP would get IP address. It does not have routing option so it has to be done on the Wired End.

Abilash PR.

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3 years ago

Like Abilash said, it would give up and see my dresses as your ad DHCP. Having a duplicate IP addresses on your network is never a good thing.

The best thing that you could do is create a separate VLAN for your wireless clients. Then you can have your ad DHCP server and out a whole new set of IP addresses. If you want me have layer 2 switches and an additional VLAN is not possible you can always extend your network out a larger subnet.