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Mon, Dec 2, 2019 10:34 AM

User fails auth too many times in a row _not answered_not solved?

ZD1200 sw build 75
Too many fails authentication logs (ill. attached).
Different clients. Diffrent times. What is happening? Why? How to cure it?


Official Rep


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a year ago

Hi Alexey,

What type of SSID the client is connected to? Is it a Radius SSID?

Is this happening with any particular AP model\Client model?

We need to understand where the client is failing, can you confirm if the clients are failing to authenticate or passing the association\authentication but fails to obtain the IP address?

I see that the issue happened on Nov 22nd, are you still facing the issue?

Sanjay Kumar

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a year ago

Hi, Sanjay
Good questions. I'll try to give some good answers.

Different models & OSs of clients. No RADIUS.

I suppose the reason would not be in RUCKUS hw/sw. Becourse of I have several wifi ruckus spots whith the same tunes and this problem replay only on one of them.

And yes, you gave a cue to me, I will walk around & monitor my DHCP in the LAN.