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Wed, Sep 9, 2015 9:44 AM

Upgrading to ZD1200 from ZD1100 (9.7.2)

Request for upgrade procedure ZD1100 (9.7.2) to ZD1200 (9.10)


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5 years ago

Hi Emil,

I see you are looking to migrate from ZD1100 to ZD1200. As the ZD1200 is running on 9.10 firmware, we need to upgrade ZD1100 to 9.10 first and then you can migrate the configuration. Follow the below upgrade path to upgrade ZD1100.

9.7.2 > 9.8.2 > 9.9.1 > 9.10

Once the ZD1100 is up and running on 9.10, then take the back up of the ZD1100 and restore it on the ZD1200 in order to get the configuration from ZD1100.

Hope this answers your query.

Anusha Vemula