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Tue, Jan 26, 2021 8:07 AM

Upgrade Zone Director 1000 Firmware build 8 to without premium support

Our company currently using Zone director 1000 with firmware version build 8 with 25 AP Licenses build inside it and the premium support already ended a long time ago. It manages 20 Ruckus Zoneflex 7363.

The problem is the client sometimes still not connected to the nearest access point causing high ping and random timeout during the Video Call, and I found out about "bss-min rate" command, but it only available on 9.3.x

I already search and read all the release notes for each firmware and guide. 
So the plan in my mind is (current) => => =>

My question is, is it possible to upgrade the firmware without the premium support?
Also, is there any risk the new firmware will brick the controller? If the controller bricked, is there a way to recover it?


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6 m ago


ZD1000 is very old. I am not sure if support enforcement works same way as for newer ZDs, but probably yes. So I suppose you will be capable to upgrade to latest version which doesn't require support to upgrade, I think 9.3.4 must be ok. But you need images anyway.

About upgrade risks.

1. Never upgrade ZD in smart redundancy mode. Make they  standalone and upgrade separately.

2. There is always some risk, same as with firmware upgrade for MB. But do it correct way, and usually it works. Most important -- don't lose power in the process.

3. There is recovery proceeding (to upload new firmware image to bricked by upgrade ZD), which usually helps.

4. In the worst case you probably can get very cheap replacement ZD1000 or Zd1100 from Ebay.

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6 m ago

As was a security fix at some point it was offered for free, but it may not be the case now.  May be worth asking.

As for hops, the current -> -> -> should work.  The release notes for 9.1.2 show the below:

ZoneDirector cannot be directly upgraded to 9.1 from 8.2.1, 8.2.0, 8.1 or earlier versions (ID
Workaround: upgrade to 8.2.2 or 9.0 before upgrading to 9.1

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6 m ago

Hi Johan,

You can upgrade the ZD1000 from current version to the desired version and no support contract is required.

To avoid upgrade failure, clear all the event and logs and then reboot the ZD, before the upgrade. This will clear some memory for smooth upgrade.

Please note that it is an old piece of hardware with very limited hardware power, so be patient and do not interrupt the upgrade. Reboot after the upgrade may take more time than expected.

Also make sure to create config backup in each upgrade step.

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6 m ago

I finally safely upgrade to build 8
When connecting to Zonedirector CLI I found out the config already has bss-minrate and ofdm-only mode.

The problem is when I type exit, or end, it says "The operation doesn't execute successfully. Please try again."

What of causing this?


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