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Thu, Mar 3, 2016 8:51 PM

Upgrade from ?

My current firmware revision isn't listed in any of the 9.9.x.x upgrade paths release notes..

Should I be worried about breaking smartredundancy or losing configuration before stepping to 9.9.x ?


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5 years ago

Yes, you need to worry  but not in the way you imagine!
Your ZD will take the upgrade but will your APs?

Read the ZD f/w release notes carefully, are your APs on the compatible list?

Your APs must be on it or you will no longer be able to use them after upgrade to ZD.



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5 years ago


I believe 9.8.3 is released after the 9.9 GA release. So, 9.9 release notes doesn't have 9.8.3 firmware under the upgrade paths list.

However, you can upgrade the ZD to 9.9.1 version from 9.8.3 with out any issues.

Use chrome/firefox browser for the upgrade.

Also, as Max mentioned, check the supported APs list.