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Fri, Oct 18, 2013 8:57 AM

trouble adding vlan to an SSID

We are trying to setup a second WLAN in our infrastructure. This WLAN would using a different vlan from the standard wifi.

standard WIFI->vlan 3
guest WIFI -> vlan 5

The ports were APs and Zone Director(ZD 1100) are connected are trunks allowing vlan 3 and 5, with vlan 3 as native.

When I use standard wifi everything work. When I try the guest wifi my clients do not get any IP.

We have two dhcps one for vlan 3 and one for vlan 5.
When I connect a dekstop on a similar trunk port and set the network card to use vlan 5, an IP from vlan 5 dhcp is assigned.

Considering that I guess it is because the packet on the guest are not properly tagged.

Here is my configuration
wlan configuration

APs configuration

thank for the help


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7 years ago


From your description I came to know that in your network.
Vlan 3-> Native Vlan for standard SSID[untagged].
Vlan 5 -> guest WIFI

->When you try to connect the guest wifi what IP address do your clients get?
Do they get APIPA IP or an IP from Native Vlan 3 subnet.

-> What happens if you connect a client to a switch port where only Vlan 5 is tagged, do they get IP from proper scope.

-> Is both Vlan 3 and Vlan 5 scopes are defined on a single DHCP server?

Could you Please try configuring a new standard SSID with Vlan 5 tagged and see if clients are able to get an IP from proper scope.

Please let me know the above details for better understanding.

Harish Kumar

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6 years ago

Hey Guys,

I am having a very similar problem.

Basically I have 3 vlans for my wireless, valn12 managment, vlan20 standard wireless, vlan21 guest wireless.

I have my switch ports configured for both the connection to ZD and the AP configured with vlan12 untagged and tagged for all other vlans.

When I specify a vlan in the SSID other than the default, clients will get an APIPA address.

If I leave everything as default vlan id 1 I get an IP address from vlan12.

If I set the default vlan id on the console interface I am no longer able to talk to the ZD at all.

What am I doing wrong?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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6 years ago

Hi Andrew,

are you connecting the ZD to a trunk port in the switch?
Could you set a monitor port and try to capture some traffic? I would like to identify if traffic is flowing as expected.

What about fixing an IP? does it work?


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5 years ago

Was there a solution to this post?