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Thu, Apr 10, 2014 8:13 AM


syslog:SIOCDARP failed, errno=6

Display in my zonedirector 3100` syslog:
stamgr: tac_del_arp:dev=br0.125 SIOCDARP failed, errno=6
What is means?How about solve it?


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7 years ago

You can ignore this message. It means that when the station manager tried to remove the ARP entry for a particular mac it was not there. The stale mac was probably removed by the house cleaning function and when station manager later on try to remove it due to some timeout mechanism it was not there. This message should be removed in later releases, but for now it can be ignored.


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4 years ago

I see a lot of lines with error message

94:f6:65:6c:e9:cc, last stats reported from unmatched VAP 94:f6:65:6c:e9:c8
Nov 16 09:37:09 ruckus stamgr: tac_del_arp:dev=br0 SIOCDARP failed, errno=6

Is it normal? Approximately  80% of log consist of this message.

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Yeah, I was just noticing this in my install as well. Seems like the grand majority for me too.