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Fri, May 23, 2014 7:59 AM

Software to monitor AP's performance and default users moving huge files?


All our offices APS are monitored by a central zoneflex system.

I am looking for a software to monitor or notify me if some user transfer huge file
across AP's in my office more over performance of them.

Thanks in Advance




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7 y ago

Hello Viccky, from Ruckus ZD point of view you can take a look at few knobs for monitoring:

On Dashboard - add widget - Most Active Client Devices which will tell you the MAC Address, IP Address, User's Usage. this is more of post mortem rather that pro-active measure from my point of view.

then you got: Usage Summary which tells you Bytes Transmitted in last 1 hr and 24 hr which could tell the tale or change in normal trend.

Where to find this - see the URL -

I have NOT used any program or tool however there are quite a few out there. try Solar wind Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor at

i hope this help.

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