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Fri, Aug 23, 2019 4:30 AM

Slow to logon windows until 2-3 minutes Hi Ruckus

Hi Ruckus, our branch office is getting issue: slow to logon windows until 2-3 minutes just in ruckus wifi. We use ZN-1200 With AP R720 and R520. But at our branch office use ARUBA wifi there is no issue with the same device laptops. What can I do to stop this issue, Thank you


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a year ago

can you provide ANY more details? are you doing WPA2? 802.1x? I guess the windows PCs are using AD and that logon is slow? if connecting throug a wired port at that same branch office is the login fast? are the clients getting DHCP fast? Also, I guess you mean R510 APs as there are no such R520s.