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Mon, Dec 17, 2018 12:42 AM


Separate IPs for ZD 1112 - Management and GuestPass

Hi Guys,

I have a customer whose Zone Director is managed by me.
They have a new requirement, to be able to print the guestpass.
I was able to set up the guestpass section without any issues.

The only problem is, in my network, the customer's PC are on the customer's VRF and the management is on a different VRFs.
I prefer the segregation this way.
Because of this, the reception on the custoner's PC is not able to print out the guestpass because she is not able to access the ZoneDirector webpage (which is in different VRFs).

I was wondering if anyone has the same issue and how to counter it.
I can only thing of setting up the ZD with 2 different IPs (1 for management and 1 for customer PC to access to print the guestpass).
That will be the more "cleaner" solution.
I do not believe the Zone Director has the ability to configure 2 different IPs on 2 separate subnet.
Can someone assist me please?


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2 years ago

From my point of view it is better to separate the traffic you want to separate on L2 by VLANs without VRFs.