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Wed, Feb 24, 2021 7:45 PM

Ruckus REJECTS proper Support

Ruckus REJECTS us to install the Firmware version that was released while under active support.
Ruckus further REJECTS to give us the link to their own Terms of Service agreement.

Dear Ruckus -- can you kindly explain why your support team (talked to two people there) will not allow us to install a Firmware version to our Ruckus ZD 1205 that was released while we had an active support contract? Please explain.



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2 m ago

I’m not with Ruckus, but I’ll try to help.  An active support contract provides access to TAC, advance replacement of failed covered hardware, and access to firmware updates.  When support expires, so does access to those benefits.  With or without a support contract, the ZD1200 and indoor APs are covered by a limited lifetime warranty that provides mail-in depot repair/replacement of failed hardware. This warranty ends approximately 5 year after the product goes “end-of-sale.” Some products such as SmartZone hardware controllers and outdoor APs/bridges come with only a standard 1-year warranty. A support contract is required to extend coverage on those products beyond the first year.  


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About exact question -- Ruckus controllers from some version  (for ZD1200 I think it was v.9.9?) doesn't allow upgrade firmware version without active support contract for that device, and it doesn't matter when firmware version was released. Technically you can install any version available, when you have support contract , and you can't change it when support expires.

I have seen some customers running into problem, when they had  not kept firmware current during support contract, haven't renewed support, when it expired, and after a few years found that they can't connect new APs to controller. 

I don't know any way around it, and it is clearly specified in release notes for each new release  "If you do not have a valid Support Entitlement contract, you will be unable to upgrade ZoneDirector to this release".

The only exception of this limitation are cases of RMA for ZD1200 -- when faulty ZD is RMAed, replacement device comes with some software support (I think 30 days, or something similar), and can be upgraded to whatever version is supported.

Hope it clarifies situation (but probably doesn't help).

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2 m ago

Hi David:
Thanks for your explanations!
We have access to the Firmware listings -- I can download them and did so already. But the ZD1205 devices we have display a message that they have no valid support anymore (that's correct) AND that we cannot install firmware. -- So, in short, we have the firmware installers, but both that message and two Ruckus Team members tell me we cannot install that. -- That is again a little different than what you say above, where it is about the access to download these updaters. 
The whole setup seems really strange: it also means we are not allowed to do a "reset" and then re-install newer firmware (that was released while we still had active support).

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In my earlier post, “access” meant both the ability to download and install. If you don’t have a support account, you can’t download. If you don’t have support, you can’t install (even if you previously downloaded the code). The controller will allow you to upload the image, but prior to installing, the controller phones home to Ruckus to check support status.  If no support, then the process aborts.  

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2 m ago

Hi Frank,

Sorry for the inconvenience!

I am trying to explain with an simple example.

Lets say I have purchased a new laptop of a company with 1 year software/hardware warranty. Though I had warranty valid for 1 year, I never updated my software or complained for any hardware failure or other issues.

Now, after completing 1 year software hardware warranty, if I reach out to the vendor and ask them provide support, it will not be possible for them to support, as warranty (support contract in your case) is over.

I think this is same with all the vendors and not limited to just RUCKUS.

We recommend to purchase/renew support contract on time, to get hassle free support/hardware replacement and other benefits.


Syamantak Omer

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Dear Syamantak:

The exact opposite applies (in your example):
You buy any sort of hardware that comes with software -- say a laptop, and say it comes with Windows 10 Pro or a Mac with macOS (just to stick with your example) .. you can AT ANY TIME LATEER, even 10 years later, reset the software (re-deploy the software) and update that software to whatever was the latest release at the time the support ended. That also applies for just every other piece of hardware + software I can think of. 
You are telling me that we cannot even (if we want to) reset the software on this device to install the hardware we now have. 
And further, your support team refuses to even show me your Terms of Use. 



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I understand that you don't like that you are unable to install latest firmware (or latest at the moment when you had support). Arguments about other vendors doing it different are irrelevant, as each vendor defines his own policy.In fact,  if you compare support policy with other major vendors (Cisco or HPE, to mention a few), you'll see that they polices are different, but also quit restricting for not-paying customers. Sometimes you can't get even manual or datasheet without valid support contract,  images are tied to serial numbers, or even download of image for device you have no active support contract is forbidden or impossible, not mentioning image installation.


Ruckus allows download all software from support site, as far as you have valid support for any device, but it doesn't mean that you are entitled to use it.

Basically you are unhappy, that you don't get upgrades for free, without support. It is understandable, but this is unfortunately real life -- all vendors must make money to provide service. 

Ruckus  controller upgrade limitations are clearly stated in each version release notes, so you are warned. When support expiration is near, ZD also produces warnings about that, and I always recommend customers to upgrade to latest firmware before support expiration, if they don't plan to renew support.

Ruckus absolutely has right to establish own upgrade and support policy.

Of cause, I think it would be better to have enforcement done a bit differently -- that it would allow installation of versions released until  support expiration date.

It is more complicated technically to do, but  definitely possible, and I don't see why it should be bad for Ruckus -- Ruckus provides all means to upgrade devices during support,  such situations result just from user's neglect to upgrade devices in time and are no benefit for Ruckus, so it would be nice to change that for user convenience.    

In the same time, we use Ruckus from 2006, and I never have seen real problems because of this limitation - after it was implemented, we just warned  customers to pay attention to it, and that's it.

By the way, it may be possible to make upgrade to latest released during support version, but I never tested it. If you have handy support entitlement file (downloaded from Ruckus site when contract was active), I suppose it is possible to reset device to factory, and, not connecting to network, upload support entitlement file to ZD and install firmware version, which was released during active contract (from local file).

Unfortunately, if you don't have entitlement file saved from time when support was active, this can't be done, as without valid entitlement file installation will not work. When support is expired, file is replaced with empty file downloaded from Ruckus server, for my understanding.

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1 m ago


The reply below is from Lisa Boesen, our Sr. Manager for North America support renewals:

Hello Frank.

It appears the support on the ZoneDirectors in question expired in April 2020 which is why support was denied.  A renewal quote was sent to the (incumbent) Distributor and Reseller for your renewal, on Monday, March 1st.  

Should you have additional questions about Ruckus Support please reference

Ruckus Support Programs and Service Terms can be found here

Renewal inquiries and quote requests -

Thank you Frank for purchasing Ruckus product and support.  Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


Thank you.


Lisa Boesen

Sr. Manager - NAR, CALA & Federal Renewals

Office: 320-406-8452

Lisa isn't active in the community but wanted to share her response since you raised your concerns in the forum. 

Please let us know if you require further assistance with managing your support renewal. 




Allan T. Grohe Jr.

Knowledge Management Program Director
for RUCKUS Customer Services & Support