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Mon, Sep 21, 2015 5:56 PM


Reset guest password

I have just been given responsibility for our Ruckus network. We have a WLAN named "Sports" but nobody knows the password for it. How can I reset it? I'm unable to find any links in the UI.


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5 years ago

If you provide a ZD debug to Tech Support they have an internal tool that can allow them to decode your WPA2 PSKs.

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5 years ago

Passwords for WLANs are in clear text following the below process on the UI:

Top Tab "Configure">Side tab "WLANs">"Edit" hyperlink in the "Action" column within the WLANs table.

If you dont have access to the Configure tab (Greyed out) in the UI, then it looks like your role is not super user and will be enable to make changes or see passwords.