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Wed, May 20, 2015 2:48 PM

Redundancy 3050 and 1100

I have my old 1100, ive just bought a 3050 can i use my 1100 as a redundancy or do i have to matching hardware


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6 years ago

matching hardware, ap lic, software needed..

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6 years ago

ZD 1100 also EOF so no more firmware upgrade beyond present one should you upgrade the 3050.

Clumsy sentence but I know what I mean!
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6 years ago

A ZD1100 backup can be restored to a ZD3000 running the same version however, to help with your upgrade/migration.

If both are running 9.8.2 for example, the backup from ZD1100 will work if restored to a ZD3k/ZD5k (but not the other way).