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Tue, Apr 7, 2015 12:52 PM

Purpose of "Role" in active clients table??


I just trying to understand the relevance of role in the active clients table?

Is it like to know who created the guest pass and role will tell the "role" of the person like admin or frontdesk etc?

Screenshot is attached, below

I just


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6 years ago


These are the Roles attributed to the client depending on the WLAN configuration,  this is usually seen when using a Local User database or the Zero IT/BYOD combination for wireless authentication, this can be found under the CONFIGURATION >>>> ROLES option  on the ZoneDirector
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And 802.1x can send back a Vendor Specific Attribute with a 'Role' value, that defines what
WLAN(s) a user can access, as specified under Configure/Roles.

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6 years ago


Thanks for your responses. What prompted this question was Adminstrator created a guest pass for Ramprakash.

When Ramprakash got connected to guest WLAN, all ok. his role showed as Administrator which is NOT making sense. Are you guys with me?

I am using ZD1100 and 9.8.2.

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6 years ago

It's possible that when Ramprakash was created as user, it was assigned with Administrator role. You can check the role assigned in Configure >> Users.