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Wed, Mar 5, 2014 2:34 AM

One ssid (Eduroam) and multiple vlans

Hi , we are from a teritiary institution and using Ruckus for 3 years with no issues (1 x ZD 1100 and 24 x ZF7962). Existing deployment has 3 SSID that sends traffic to its specific VLAN's. Moving forward will migrate to using single SSID (Eduroam , with its recommended Radius setup for auth).

My question is during this migration, how do we setup Vlan trafficking for this "one ssid multiple vlan environment". What configuration changes will be made on the ZD


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7 years ago

What that will require you to do is use Dynamic VLANs, which is supported by RW.

First you'll need to setup 2 AAA servers under Configure :: AAA. One will be RADIUS and the other RADIUS accounting.

Then under Configure :: WLANs you will make one SSID with the following attributes
a. Enable "standard usage"
b. select 802.1x EAP (WPA2/AES) OR 802.1x EAP + MAC Addres. Check which one you need
c. Under "Authentication Server" you will choose your RADIUS server configured in the first step
d. Under Advanced options there are 2 steps
- Accounting Server that you configured before
- Under ACCESS VLAN you will enable the Dynamic VLAN option.

e. Click OK

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7 years ago

Thanks for the quick answer. Shall try these steps and update this post soonest