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Sun, May 24, 2015 9:36 AM


Number of accesspoints in dashboard wrong

When I log in to the ZD dashboard I see a total of 30 AP's online. This is strange because only 29 are placed in the network. If I look in the AP list, only 29 show online as well. 
When I remove an AP the number drops tot 29. 
So it looks like the dashboard gives a wrong number. Anybody else seen this?


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6 years ago

Yes it happened to me also, and i don't know why, but resolved by itself. 

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6 years ago

Is your ZD set to accept all join requests ?  You should be seeing unique MAC addresses, you can eliminate the ones you installed against any that aren't yours.

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6 years ago

That's the problem. In my list view of all the AP's, there are only 29 showing as connected.