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Fri, Dec 20, 2013 9:41 PM

Doesn't need answer

Most of the Time AP' are requied for Hard Reboot for Restoring the AP Servces !


Most of the time ., Some AP's are required it for Physical Hard reboot for resuming the AP services...

kindly share us your inputs for fix the issue permanently

For your easy reference..Pls find some ZD & AP tech parameters /our observation detail are as below

Inputs :

A) ZD firmware : build 50
B) AP firmware :
C) ZD Model ; ZD5100-10
D) AP model : zf7343 And zf7321

Observation :

Before Hard reboot the AP : DIR is not stable and Power LED is glowing

After hard reboot the AP : AP's are showing us connected mode in ZD (GUI)

DIR is stable at AP end.


Balasundaram T


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7 years ago

Hi Bala, your account team is going to be in contact with you soon on this issue.