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Mon, Jun 13, 2016 7:39 AM


Missing Dpsk's when smart redundancy fails and comes up.

Hello Everyone,we have two ZD's in different locations and in different subnets  one is /22 other is /23 and we have one management ip,two zd ips .Management ip and primary zd ip are in same subnet of /22 and sec ip /23.From 2 to 3 days onwards we are facing issue with the smart redundancy,when smart redundancy fails it shows Active/disconnected at that time if we creative DPSK by using primary zd ip ,that created dpsk is missing when smart redundancy works fine.Can some one help us with the solution.Thanks in advance.


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4 years ago

Hi Venkanna,

As this is a very specific issue you are seeing, please open a support ticket via

Kind regards