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Mon, Oct 14, 2013 7:43 PM

Mediaflex 7811 without 7111 adapter

Can I use Mediaflex 7811 without 7111 adapter. In short I want to connect 7811 to my motorola modem (via ethernet cable) and have 7811 broadcast wifi. Is that possible?

The Motorola modem is connected to the internet via ethernet cable.


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8 y ago

Yes, that is correct. The 7811 is a 5G radio AP, and it's Ethernet connects to your
DSL/Cable modem with Internet access.

Pre-configure with a static IP address on your PC/laptop, at with
login of super / sp-admin. Use the Configuration::Wireless page to configure your
WLANs. A Video WLAN is bridged to the WAN/Internet connection (and you may
not get a second IP from your ISP), while a local Data WLAN will connect your wifi
clients to your Local Network (where you configure DHCP scope size).

Under Configuration::Internet, leave the Connection Type as DHCP, to get the AP
address from the DSL/Cable modem.

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2 y ago

hola alguien me puede ayudar el mediaflex 7811 no me permite ingresar la configuración en la pc, ya hice todo lo explicado en el manual

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