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Sat, May 2, 2015 7:57 PM


Map View does not show tool icons

Need some help

In ZoneDirector Map View, the floorplan does not show the icons to remove APs, rotate floorplan or refresh the floorplan. How can I make these icons visible to I can remove APs from a floorplan?

I want to 'remove'  some APs from one floorplan in order to add those to a another, second map?

I am running ZoneDirector 1112 with, using either IE11 or Firefox with Java 1.8.x or 1.7.x.

Your help appreciated



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6 years ago

I've sorted it out myself already...

Workaround/fix is as follows, just for those encountering the same issue.

In Monitor > Map View on the floorplan where I have APs positioned, the top right window does not show the tool icons initially.

However, just hover with your mouse pointer over this empty area, the tool icons tools are then shown; I can now use the icons and delete an AP from the floorplan to have it positioned on another map.