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Fri, Oct 10, 2014 4:00 PM


We are implementing your ZoneDirector to the ZF7372 AP's. My question is do you implement LWAPP for connectivity here, or do you have the option to disable LWAPP and perform the function somehow manually. I was under the impression that LWAPP was not configurable and was always implemented, can you please confirm either way?


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6 years ago

If you manage the AP using ZD you have to use LWAPP for control messages and tunneled wlan or unauthorized client traffic, and it is not configurable.

Client traffic are dropped at the AP outside the LWAPP tunnel, unless you configure the wlan as a tunneled wlan.

I hope that helps.

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6 years ago

LWAPP cannot be disabled at all as it is essential for ZD/AP communication. in Standalone mode, LWAPP is NOT used as there is no zonedirector.