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Wed, Oct 1, 2014 10:30 PM



Limit guest access maximum validity

My customer asked me for possibility to limit maximum validity of guest access. They have lots of users who can create guest pass, and their security manager demands issuing guest pass for no more then two days for most of them.

I therefore propose one of this options:
- a way to limit the maximum time the user can specify, when creating guest pass (by group of users from AD)

- a way to automatically (scheduler) delete all generated guest pass at specific time, or way to do it from the CLI or via SNMP.


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6 years ago

Nice Idea!
My customers asked me for this Feature in the past, too.

Additionally it whould be nice if i can also set a default Value for Guest Pass Validity.

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Agreed!  It would be nice is the default value of guest pass validity can be administrator defined, and not altered by the guest pass generator user.