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Tue, Jun 4, 2013 11:00 PM


Issues in with high client density post 9.5.0

Follow up:

I upgraded last week and had to downgrade back to 9.4 due to the issue. I grabbed the logs from the a couple of the AP's that rebooted and the controllers if Ruckus is interested. Let me know and I can email or open a case again on the issue.

What I observed: Upgraded in the evening (9:00 p.m.?) and everything was great. No reboots overnight. At about 8:15 we started getting AP lost contact messages. It was random from site to site and I would bet that we never had more than 30 clients associated to one AP. At 8:45 a.m. I made the call after 7 different AP's rebooted to downgrade back to Since the downgrade, I haven't lost an AP yet and it has been 6 days.

Now, I'm a K-8 school district and at about 8:00 a.m. is when we begin to ramp up for the day. But none of my schools are in session at that time and I wouldn't expect to see more than 300 clients across the entire org. The only thing that I can think that might be an issue, is that we aren't routed at each site but at the district level. This means that the broadcast for a single VLAN could have 1000+ clients (wired/wireless) depending on what network they are connected to (we are changing this over the next 13 months).

Sorry for the length, but the wireless is usually set it and forget it for us. I really want this to work as I'd like to start testing our new 7372 AP as a replacement to our 7363's for future purchases.

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the What are the issues reported by the customers in release? topic.

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7 years ago

We added some improved methods for handling client associations in 9.5.2. Have you had a chance to try that yet?


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7 years ago

Keith, As mentioned in the other post, we did upgrade and everything started working great. But now that everyone is back, we are seeing the issue again. I've started a support ticket on it and will wait and see what happens.

My issues are that it's been so long and to many DPSK's sent out that we are now stuck with this version unless someone in support can extract the keys from 9.5.2 and shove them into my 9.4.3 backup file?