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Tue, Apr 5, 2016 5:57 AM


I forgot the new admin and password? please help.

hi , can i ask how to get access of my zone director 1200, i change the admin password, but i forgot the new admin and password? please help.


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5 years ago


Did you take backup of the controller config?
Did you take ZD debug of the controller?

If answer to both question - above is NO then there is NO option to recover. Better factory reset and re-configure..

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Hi Monnat, thanks for the reply, can i ask how to factory reset? We try to press the reset botton but nothing happen?
Please help.



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there is a hard reset hole on the unit.. Get a tooth pick or paperclip, insert and the keep the button inside pressed for 10 secs and release it. This has to be done when ZD is powered ON. Once you release, status LED on the ZD should change...

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Hi jun

Press the reset button for at least 15 seconds, if you just press it the ZD will only restart

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The front of a ZD1200 has one reset/indented hole to the left of the Eth ports, labeled "RESET".  This is a SW reset (like a reboot).

The reset/indented hole to the right of the Console port, labled "F/D" is the Factory Default reset button.

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if I had the configuration backup of my ZD3000.
Could I recover the controller's administration?

or is there any other way to recover the user and password of my zd device?
please help me