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Fri, Feb 28, 2014 3:32 AM

How to access ZD1100 WebUI from different VLAN?

Hi all,

Please look at the diagram.

The problem is, from my laptop I cannot open the ZoneDirector WebUI, which is . And cannot ping also.

But I can open any department switches WebUI just fine, such as

Is there any other thing that need to be set, such as Access Vlan? Please help.


p/s: Sorry for my bad English.


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7 years ago

Hi Abang,

We expect the ZD to be controlled from the native VLAN (untagged) which is usually VLAN 1. If you want to manage the ZD from another Tagged VLAN you would need to specify that VLAN in the "Configure/System/Device IP settings". in the bottom of that section you can change the access VLAN setting. Before you do that though if the AP's are on that same tagged VLAN then you would want to go to "Configure/Access Points/Access Points policy". Look for the Management VLAN setting and change that to the tagged VLAN you want to use.

Let me know if this helps.