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Wed, Oct 14, 2015 12:09 PM


How can I factory reset ZD1200 without local management connection?

I have inadvertently enabled DHCP on my ZD1200, and have lost local management. I had a static IP address, which now doesn't work, and neither can I access via the AP web interface.

I have tried, but this doesn't work either.

Is there a way I can apply factory reset to enable me to connect again?





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5 years ago

Hi Phil,

If you have physical access to the ZD, then you can do a hard reset on it directly by holding the F/D pinhole for 12 to 15 seconds.

After the reset is done, the Status LED blinks red, then blinks green, indicating that the system is in factory default state.

You can access it on the default IP

- Anusha

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5 years ago

If you have a backup of your config, just reset to factory defaults, configure the ZD and upload the backup, will take you 5min. if you do it slowly :-)

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5 years ago

I would personally use the serial cable that came with the ZD and access the CLI.

Note: config Putty with 9600 in the speed setting for the serial option

To start with you can issue the following:

ruckus# show config

Protocol Mode= IPv4-Only
Device IP Address:
Mode= Dynamic
IP Address=
Gateway Address=
Primary DNS=
Secondary DNS=
Management VLAN:

etc. etc.

You could then use the IP address to gain access and change the IP back.

If you don't have a console cable you could use Wireshark to sniff the ARP from the controller.

In the filter box in Wireshark issue the following:

eth.src == insert mac address of controller here

It should then show the ARP entry and present you with the IP address of the controller

If you need a manual for the CLI:

Also do you have a DHCP Server, if so check the DHCP server against the MAC address of the controller and obtain the IP that way.

Good luck

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5 years ago

Thanks Guys, All sorted.
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5 years ago

Answered before I could offer looking for the ZD's MAC address (from bottom label) on your DHCP lease table...