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Wed, May 28, 2014 7:37 PM

First using 7341, few question need to ask

Just get my first Ruckus 7341 today. Using UBNT before with bad experience..
May i know which version is the latest firmware?<-default
How can i isolate clients?
What is the function for AeroScout RFID tag detection?
Protection mode should use which one? Protection Mode: Disabled CTS-only RTS-CTS


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7 years ago

  • 9.6.2 is slightly newer, but I'm not aware of any compelling reasons to upgrade for a standalone AP configuration.
  • Client isolation settings require a controller.
  • The Aeroscout settings is a particular set of optimizations for those devices. Are you using AeroScout? If not, ignore that setting.
  • Disabled is the most common setting. The others are used in particular corner-cases or with specific client devices that require it.

Hope this helps!