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Mon, Aug 4, 2014 1:24 PM

Dynamic VLAN Configuration depending on OS


i have following setup with my ZoneDirector 1100 (Version 9.8):
- SSID "BYOD" for Guest and Device Registration (open, no encryption)
- SSID "DPSK-ZeroIT-Internet" (WPA2, Zero-IT, DPSK)
- SSID "DPSK-ZeroIT-Internal" (WPA2, Zero-IT, DPSK)

VLAN Mapping:
- "BYOD" => 100
- "DPSK-ZeroIT-Internet" => 100
- "DPSK-ZeroIT-Internal" => 101

VLAN Access:
- 100 => only External Access to the Internet
- 101 => Internal Access to Exchange, File- and Printserver, etc.

Is it possible to create with Zero-IT access to the Network "DPSK-ZeroIT-Internet" if my User (ActiveDirectory) register his Smartphone and give him access to "DPSK-ZeroIT-Internal" if he comes with a Windows OS?

Maybe someone have an Idea.
Thanks and Best Regards


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4 years ago

Hi Marco. I don't know if you will ever read this considering that your post is over 2 years ago. But I wish to ask if have you successfully implemented this kind of deployment? I'm having the same dilemma with our ZD1200 now.