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Thu, Sep 19, 2013 5:33 PM

Dropped and Garbled audio with SpectraLink 8440 Phones

I have a site with 95 SpectraLink 8440 phones and 80 APs with a ZD 3000 running We experience dropped audio for up to 8 seconds and then the call will come back. The SpectraLink phone logs show very high Tx and Rx retries. I was told this ZD load addressed dropped audio issues with SpectraLink but we continue to have issues. The SpectraLink phones are at 4.3.0 which is also the latest software. The inside APs are on the 5 GHz band to reduce interference with a separate customer WiFi and the outside APs are on 2.4.


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7 y ago

I am running with the optimization .... I'm not sure I've noticed much of a change.

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7 y ago

We're continuing to use on our ZF7363's with statically assigned channels. We've also recently updated our SpectraLink 8440's to 4.6.1J.0034 and added "" to our site.cfg file.

Our phones are now working perfectly. (Hope I haven't just jinxed it!)

Is everyone else now happy with the call quality of their SpectraLink 8440's and Ruckus AP's?

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7 y ago

Matty - great news! - thanks for sharing your observations!

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