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Fri, Jan 11, 2019 3:07 PM


Dropbear SSH Server vulnerability

Is the dropbear SSH Server vulnerability patch included in ZD1100 Software Release?

I am currently on version build 20



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2 years ago

Hi Andy,

You can check the page for any info regarding dropbear.

Kind regards

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2 years ago

Hello Andy,

   We've had other tickets/requests like yours too. The CVE-2017-9079 dropbear issue is fixed in ZD 10.0+, but unfortunately ZD1100 last supported release is 9.10.x, and changes will not be back-ported.

   Other customers had to upgrade to ZD1200 model controllers if this is your concern. The security team reports this is concidered a minor vulnerability, with a CVSS score of 4.7, and exploitability score of 1.0.