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Tue, Sep 30, 2014 5:03 AM



I have implemented Ruckus 1106 with firmware 9.7. Now i have integrated two AD ( i have two sister companies using same network ) , now when i have to use DPSK on boarding it can only take One database at one time for DPSK.
Is there a workaround for it cause i have to change the database everytime user for another AD come to configure it.

THanks and advance


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6 years ago

Hi parag parab,

I understand what you are doing however at this time there is NO solution to this challenge. this is a potential feature request which you can take it up with your Ruckus Sales engineer


PS: I am not a AD expert however I think there must be some way if both AD's are joined BUT not merged and remain distinct then requests to X AD can be relayed to Y AD to process. something around this line.

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6 years ago


i missed this feature on passed Installations, too.
Like "Monnat Systems" said this should be "Feature Request".

With my AD Experience there is no way to relay the Authentication. Maybe it's possible over a AD Trust Realationship. But i whould never create a Trust, which is in fact a litte Mariage of the two ADs, just for authenticate a user in AD Y over AD X.

So the best Solution in my Opinion should be to be able to active Zero-IT / DPSK within the WLAN Settings and are able to choose there my AAA-Server (ActiveDirectory), too.

Best Regards